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Tuesday, 12th September

15:30 - 19:00

(TUT #01-mmWave) Millimeter-wave networking tutorial
Speaker: Prof. Joerg Widmer
Room: 11.2, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

(TUT #02-Navigation) Network Localization and Navigation: fundamental limits, cooperative algorithms, and network experimentation
Speakers: Prof. Moe Win, Dr. Andrea conti
Room: 11.3, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i


Wednesday, 13th September

10:00 - 11:00

Keynote: Millimeter-wave technology trends for 5G and Wireless Transmission applications and Technologies
Speaker: Renato Lombardi, Director of Huawei’s Research Centre, Italy
Chair: Juan M. Corchado, University of Salamanca, Spain
Room: Salón de Actos, Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca

11:30 - 13:30

(Main Track #01) New communication paradigms: 5G, mmWave, WBAN, PLC and cooperative communication
Chair: Mohammad Ghavami, London South Bank University, UK
Room: 11.1, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • High Output Power Frequency Doubler for Digital PLLs in Fully Integrated 24 GHz CMOS Radar Systems
    Soenke Vehring, Yaoshun Ding, Philipp Scholz, Dominic Maurath, Friedel Gerfers, and Georg Boeck
  • Delay Analysis of Fronthaul Traffic in 5G Transport Networks
    Gabriel Otero Pérez, José Alberto Hernández, and David Larrabeiti López
  • Cyclostationary detection of 5G GFDM waveform using time smoothing algorithms in cognitive radio transmission
    Noura A.El-Alfi, Heba M. Abdel-Atty, and Mohamed A. Mohamed
  • Preliminary Study between Frequency-Domain Equalizer and 0-ASCET for PLC
    Francisco Nombela, Enrique García, and Álvaro Hernández
  • Subarray Hybrid Precoding for Massive MIMO Capacity Maximization
    Mohammed Alarfaj, and Huaping Liu
  • Energy efficiency evaluation of wake-up radio based MAC protocol for wireless body area networks
    Zafar Hussain, Heikki Karvonen, and Jari Iinatti

(SPS #01-IOT) IoT Approaches for Distributed Computing
Chair: Abbes Amira, University of the West of Scotland, UK
Room: 11.2, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • Developing Emotional Intelligent Virtual Environments using EJaCalIVE
    Jaime Andres Rincon Arango, Ângelo Costa, Paulo Novais, Vicente Julian, and Carlos Carrascosa
  • Efficient Hardware Impementation of the l_1-Regularized Least Squares for IoT Edge Computing
    HHamza Baali, Xiaojun Zhai, Hamza Djelouat, Abbes Amira, and Faycal Bensaali
  • Joint Sparsity Recovery for Compressive Sensing Based EEG System
    Hamza Djelouat, Hamza Baali, Abbes Amira, and Faycal Bensaali
  • Cloud-Fog-Dew Architecture for Refined Driving Assistance, The Complete Service Computing Ecosystem
    Tushar Mane, and Himanshu Agrawal
  • Towards Using Blockchain Technology for IoT data access protection
    Nabil Rifi, Elie Rachkidi, Nazim Agoulmine, and Nada Chendeb Taher
  • Managing Criticalities of e-Health IoT Systems
    Chris Kotronis, Garyfalia Minou, George Dimitrakopoulos, Mara Nikolaidou, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, Abbes Amira, Faycal Bensaali, Hamza Baali, and Hamza Djelouat
  • An Agent-Based Internet of Things Platform for Distributed Real Time Machine Control
    Alberto Rivas, Pablo Chamoso, and Sara Rodríguez

15:00 - 17:00

(Main Track #02) Antennas, Track Circuits and Synchronization
Chair: Noura El Alfa, Port Said University, Egypt
Room: 11.1, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • Low-Complexity Timing Synchronization for OFDM based on CAZAC and Golay sequences
    Martin Colombo, Álvaro Hernández, Carlos De Marziani, Jesús Ureña, and Miguel Mayosky
  • Frame Synchronization for M-ary Modulation with Phase Offsets
    Ahmed Elzanaty, Ksenia Koroleva, Stanislav Gritsutenko, and Marco Chiani
  • A Spatially Processed 3D Wideband Adaptive Conical Array System
    Mohammad Ghavami
  • Design of a Broadband Patch Antenna for a DVB-T based Passive Radar Antenna Array
    Javier Rosado-Sanz, María-Pilar Jarabo-Amores, David Mata-Moya, Nerea del-Rey-Maestre, and Pedro Gomez-del-Hoyo
  • Design and Application of a Compact UWB Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna
    David S. Cabral, Leandro Manera, and Leonardo B. Zoccal
  • Multiple Antenna Based Low Complexity Spectrum Sensing with Binary Phase Rotator Selection
    Shusuke Narieda
  • Improvement of an UGW-based Track Circuit for Operation on Repaired Railway Sections
    Lei Yuan, Yuan Yang, and Álvaro Hernández Alonso

(SPS#03-COPES) Communications and Control in Power and Energy Systems
Chair: Amin Shokri, University of Salamanca, Spain
Room: 11.2, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • Intelligent Power Control of DC Microgrid
    Amin Hajizadeh, Mohsen Soltani, and Lars E. Norum
  • Demand and Supply Side Management Strategies for Zero Energy Buildings
    Mohammad Iman Ghiasi, Amin Hajizadeh, Masoud Aliakbar Golkar, and Maryam Marefati
  • Energy Flexibility Assessment of a Multi Agent-based Smart Home Energy System
    Amin Shokri Gazafroudi, Tiago Pinto, Francisco Prieto-Castrillo, Juan Manuel Corchado, Omid Abrishambaf, Aria Jozi, and Zita Vale
  • Bayesian Predictive Models for Rayleigh Wind Speed
    Amir Shahirinia, Amin Hajizadeh, and David C. Yu
  • Application of Artificial Immune System to Domestic Energy Management Problem
    María Navarro-Cáceres, Amin Shokri, Francisco J. Prieto-Castillo, Kumar G. Venayagamoorthy, and Juan Manuel Corchado

Thursday, 14th September

10:00 - 11:00

Keynote: Network Localization and Navigation: Signal Processing Opportunities
Speaker: Prof. Moe Win, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Chair: Marco Chiani, University of Bologna, Italy
Room: Salón de Actos, Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca

11:30 - 13:30

(Main Track #03) Ranging, Localization and Navigation
Chair: Ning Xie, Florida International University, USA
Room: 11.1, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • UWB Localization using adaptive covariance Kalman Filter based on Sensor Fusion
    Danilo Briese, Holger Kunze, and Georg Rose
  • Calibration Method of Antenna Delays for UWB-based Localization Systems
    Kristóf Attila Horváth, Gergely Ill, and Ákos Milánkovich
  • Accuracy of OFDM Ranging Systems in the Presence of Processing Impairments
    Wenhan Dai, William C. Lindsey, and Moe Z. Win
  • UWB Localization Employing Supervised Learning Method
    Soumya Prakash Rana, Maitreyee Dey, Hafeez Ur Siddiqui, Gianluigi Tiberi, Mohammad Ghavami, and Sandra Dudley
  • Passive Extended Double-Sided Two-Way Ranging with Alternative Calculation
    Kristóf Attila Horváth, Gergely Ill, and Ákos Milánkovich
  • Impact and Feasibility of Darklight LED on Indoor visible light positioning system
    Chuanxi Huang, and Xun Zhang
  • Distributed Situation-Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Network Navigation
    Tianheng Wang, Bryan Teague, and Moe Z. Win

(WOS #04-AttoNets) Workshop on Broadband Wireless Communication between Computer Boards
Chair: Meik Dörpinghaus, Dresden International University, Germany
Room: 11.2, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • Global Sum Rate Optimal Resource Allocation for Non-Regenerative 3-Way Relay Channels
    Bho Matthiesen, and Eduard A. Jorswieck
  • Discrete Worst-case SINR-Maximization
    Johannes Israel, and Andreas Fischer
  • Pathways towards Tb/s Wireless
    Sandra Bender, Patrick Seiler, Bernhard Klein, Meik Dörpinghaus, Dirk Plettemeier, and Gerhard Fettweis
  • Schalkwijk and Kailath Feedback Coding with Sequential Decision-Making
    Christoph Jans, Meik Dörpinghaus, and Gerhard Fettweis
  • Secure and Energy-Efficient Interconnects for Board-to-Board Communication
    Bho Matthiesen, Stefan Pfennig, Mario Bielert, Thomas Ilsche, Andrew Lonnstrom, Tao Li, Juan A. Cabrera, Christian Scheunert, Elke Franz, Silvia Santini, Thorsten Strufe, Eduard A. Jorswieck, Wolfgang E. Nagel, Giang T. Nguyen, and Frank H.P. Fitzek
  • Achievable Rate with 1-Bit Quantization and Oversampling at the Receiver using Continuous Phase Modulation
    Lukas T. N. Landau, Meik Dörpinghaus, Rodrigo C. de Lamare, and Gerhard P. Fettweis

15:00 - 17:00

(Main Track #04) Applications and testbeds of positioning, radar and identification in smart cities and environments
Chair: Danilo Briese, Otto von Guericke University, Germany
Room: 11.1, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • Position Optimization for Mobile Relay by Utilizing One-bit Feedback Information
    Ning Xie, Jingkun Chen, Yuan Liang, and Hui Wang
  • Impact of Sensor Data Glut on Activity Recognition in Smart Environments
    Alaa E. Abdel-Hakim, and Wael A. Deabes
  • Cleansing RFID data based on RSSI estimation
    Hadj Mihoub Hachmi, Rachida Touhami, and Smail Tedjini
  • Detection Scheme for Human Body using UWB Radio in NLOS Environments
    Kohei Ohno, Daiki Echizenya, and Taiga Shigenobu
  • Enhancement of the real-time indoor ranging and positioning algorithm using an UWB system
    Youngjae Lee, Dongyeop Kang, Kiyoung Moon, and Seongyun Cho
  • On the potentials of satellite based passive radars for smart sensors networks in smart cities
    Jose Luis Bárcena-Humanes, Pedro Jose Gómez-Del-Hoyo, Maria Pilar Jarabo-Amores, David Mata-Moya, and Javier Rosado
  • A generalized framework for wireless localization in gerontechnology
    Javier Prieto, Pablo Chamoso, Fernando De La Prieta, and Juan Manuel Corchado

(WOS #01-GreeNets) Next Generation of Green ICT and 5G Networking / (WOS #03-Energy) Communications with Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer
Chair: Heikki Karvonen, University of Oulu, Finland
Room: 11.2, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • Experience Deploying a 5G C-RAN Virtualized Experimental Setup using OpenAirInterface
    Oumayma Neji, Nada Chendeb, Olfa Chabbouh, Nazim Agoulmine, and Sonia Ben Rejeb
  • Energy Efficiency of Heterogeneous Cellular Networks with Energy Harvesting Base Stations
    Jing Zhang, Guoheng Liu, Jing Han, and Qiang Li
  • Optimal Transmit Power Minimization in Secure MU-MISO SWIPT Systems
    Mahmoud Alageli, Aissa Ikhlef, and Jonathon Chambers

Friday, 15th September

10:00 - 11:00

Keynote: Cost-, Spectrum-, and Energy-Efficient Distributed Collaborative Beamforming Designs for Real-World Applications
Speaker: Prof. Sofiène Affes, INRS, Canada
Chair: Thomas Ussmueller, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Room: Salón de Actos, Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca

11:30 - 13:30

(Main Track #05) Circuits and components design
Chair: Enrique Diaz-Plaza, IBM, Spain
Room: 11.1, Edificio Multiusos I+D+i

  • Graph-Optimized Progressive Hybrid Greyfield Wireless Access Virtualization
    Slim Zaidi, Mourad Azzakhmam, Sofiene Affes, Charles Despins, Keyvan Zarifi, and Peiying Zhu
  • Joint Time and Frequency Synchronization for Distributed Beamforming in Decode-and-Forward Relaying Systems Using Importance Sampling
    Souheib Ben Amor, Faouzi Bellili, Sofiène Affes, Usa Vilaipornsawai, Liqing Zhang, and Peiying Zhu
  • Design and Comparison of SiGe Active Downconversion Mixers for S-BAND Applications
    Mete Coşkun, and Metin Yazgi
  • Balun and Power Divider Based on Multilayer Ring Resonators (MRR)
    SeyyedKamal Hashemi, SeyedehNastaran Mirmohammadi, and Zahra Khajehhosseini Dalasm
  • Practical Considerations on the Use of the Bessel-Fourier Power Amplifier Behavioural Model
    María Jesús Cañavate Sánchez, Yu Fu, George Goussetis, Savvas Kosmopoulos, and Apostolos Georgiadis
  • A Monolithic CMOS IF Integrated Circuit for a Superheterodyne Transceiver
    Jingjian Zhang, Changchun Zhang, Peng Zhang, Ying Zhang, Yi Zhang, and Xincun Ji
  • Coupling Coefficient Reconfigurable Quadrature Coupler based on Metallic Loading
    Shui Hong Wang, Liang Gao, Bo Wei Xu, and Shao Yong Zheng
  • A Planar Diplexer Using Hybrid Substrate Integrated Waveguide and Coplanar Waveguide
    Peng Chu, Kai-Lai Zheng, and Feng Xu