(SPS #01-IOT) IoT Approaches for Distributed Computing


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The Special Session on IoT Approaches for Distributed Computing will be held in conjunction with the 17th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband ICUWB’2017 in Salamanca, Spain, from September 12th to 15th, 2017.


21.000 million devices will be connected to the Internet by 2021, and 16.000 of them will be part of the Internet of Things. The usage of many different connected sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, air quality, etc.) in different fields (plants, animals, geological phenomena, cities, homes, etc.) will enable the collection of a vast amount of data, that will be transformed into information and intelligently into knowledge. However, such a knowledge creation process will not be able to be handled in a totally centralized way but it must be combined with distributed computing so that processing load is shared among devices and information transmitted is reduced. In this way, IoT devices must embed new hardware architectures with higher processing capabilities and lower power consumption, new abstraction or multi-agent approaches to distribute tasks among network members, or new ways and communication standards for sharing information to increase spectrum efficiency.

Topics of interest for this special session cover but are not limited to wireless platforms for:

  • Distributed information fusion in IoT networks
  • Distributed sensing and data gathering
  • Computational complexity reduction approaches for IoT
  • Information sharing among IoT devices
  • Multi-agent systems for IoT distributed computing
  • Hardware architectures for embedded distributed computing
  • Energy harvesting for IoT distributed computing
  • Battery efficient IoT devices
  • New communications standards for sharing information and increasing spectrum efficiency
  • Performance bounds for distributed computing
  • Applications of IoT distributed computing

Special session chair:

Abbes Amira, Professor, Qatar University

Submission & Publication:

More information: www.icuwb2017.org/participants/paper-submission

This special session is organized under the framework of the Interreg PocTep IOTEC project (0123_IOTEC_3_E).